The Aquila Barn

Built from the ground up, and designed as a premium wedding & event venue, the Aquila Barn is the perfect backdrop to create memories that will last a lifetime. Featuring powerful heating and cooling for any time of year, and a premium sound system to extend your party outside to a partially covered patio and beautiful strung up lights.

Your memories last a lifetime.

Shouldn’t it have a beautiful background?

Our Story

The Aquila Barn is tucked away on the 400 acres of Eagle Fork Farm. Featuring breath-taking scenery, distinctive character, as well a rich historical background, The Aquila Barn is a perfect balance of rustic charm and modern elegance.

Rich in historical significance, Eagle Fork was once a small bustling settlement in the 1800s. The settlement was a stagecoach stop with a General Store, Blacksmith, and the “Drover’s Inn.” In the mid, 1800’s hogs, cattle, and turkeys were driven down what is now Eagle Fork lane by Drovers. The 1850’s Brick House, also known as Drover’s Inn, was built to provide room + board to the Drovers before their last stop in Gilmore, Missouri. The Brick house, which also served as a US Post office is still on the property to this day. In 1871, G.W.L. Meyer purchased the farm and moved his family up from Augusta, Missouri. Eagle Fork remains a strong family farm to this day. Charles + Laura Meyers continue to keep the historical charm throughout Eagle Fork Pumpkin Farm, and now the new Aquila Barn. Kirk Fischer began working on the Eagle Fork Farm when he was 12 years old. He grew up working on the historic property, and years later met his wife, Taylor. Kirk + Taylor were soon married. They built their home, and are now raising their family on the property.

Aquila Barn is the perfect mix of the Meyer + Fischer Family. Charles + Laura incorporated the rich historical history throughout the barn. The barn features windows from the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, as well as local antique pieces, are perfect examples of this.

Kirk Fischer focused on the expansive outdoor space. The large, partially covered patio is accompanied by a premier indoor/outdoor sound system. A cozy firepit and elegantly strung lighting make for the perfect outdoor space for any event.

Taylor Fischer focused on what would make the bride’s day a memorable, stress-free experience. Brides can relax and prepare for the day in their expansive bridal suite. The suite features a private entrance as well as a private bathroom. Getting ready will be a breeze with the two salon chairs, top of the line LED mirrors, and natural light space provides. Taylor focused on the things she wanted, but could not find when she was a bride to be. The picturesque venue offers modern-day conveniences while displaying old-time charm and elegance. The Aquila Barn will provide an unforgettable backdrop for your event.